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Since 1997 Shangri-La Blinds has set up factories in China, focusing on indoor window decoration, blinds and shades production and sales. After nearly two decades of development, we have established three major products for the residential, office, and public buildings, including indoor blinds, outdoor building shades, manual or electric curtain track system. we offer manual, electric and intelligent shades and blinds system. Over the years we become one of the largest manufacturers in blinds products in China. In 2003 our company passed the ISO9001 and ISO14000 certification. With 600 patents, our products gain domestic and international certification with a warranty of 3--5 years. In 2012 we began to enter the international market. We have clients in more than 60 countries, and we have more than 200 partners.

Shangri-La Blinds provides an assortment of high-quality products to engineering partners, hotels, hospitals, companies, curtain shops, and we always maintain competitive prices and quick delivery. To protect the interests of customers, we have only one agent in one region. We have an experienced R & D team to meet customer demands for a variety of customized products. 


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